Extension floor tiled and addition of radiator

We had installed the customers bathroom a short time before they had a rear extension and they asked us to tile the floor and add a radiator in the extension.

New kitchen install

Here we have a complete new kitchen in traditional shaker style with solid wood worktops. We removed the old kitchen and levelled the floor ready for a new tiled floor to go on top which we done. We also renewed the plumbing/gas in the kitchen to incorporate a new outside tap, dishwasher, washing machine and cooker/hob. Following that we installed Continue Reading

New roof

This job was to replace a whole roof as it was leaking in many places. The original roof was asbestos and was removed professionally before any work was undertaken. Once removed, we took off all the old felt and battens and replaced them with a new water proof membrane sheet and battens. The tiles used for the roof were re-claimed Continue Reading

Fuse board replacement

This job required the fuse board to be replaced. The fuse which was there was old and was not up to date with the regulations. The house had been rewired at some point and the wires were still good to use again. The reason for the fuse board change was the customer wanted to add on to some of the Continue Reading

Boiler servicing work

We are happy to undertake any boiler servicing work. We have serviced many different types of boilers over the years and will continue in the years to come. This service work was on a Baxi boiler (combi) which we had installed 2 years previous. The brick work around the flue was also completed by us and can be seen on Continue Reading

Brick work repointing

This project involved re pointing one complete side of a house. The original mortar used was lime and sand. However, due to years of weathering it was degrading. The lime and sand was raked out and was replaced by a mortar which included cement, sand and a small amount of lime. The lime was added so the side of the house kept in character  with Continue Reading

Water Softener Installation

A new monarch water softener was installed in a flat next to the cylinder tank. The pipe work had to be adjusted so the water softener had cold mains going to it and also having a by pass. The out coming pipework from the softener was connected to the old pipe work which supplied the whole flat to provide the new soft water. All pipe work was done in new Continue Reading

New Roof, Gutters and Fascias Boards

This project was a installation of a new warm roof, new gutters and fascia’s boards. The old felt was stripped off and certain parts of the original wood was replaced due to water damage. A layer of 150mm celotex was added on top and 18mm of stearling board was placed on top of the celotex. This was then secured by screws effectively Continue Reading

New shower room Build

A new build shower room. The customer required a new shower room installation from scratch. Once the room framework was in place, the plastering and tiling could begin. The whole shower room was tiled from floor to ceiling. The floor was also tiled and finished with grey grout. A mosaic self was created over the built in cistern which can be lifted out Continue Reading

Bathroom Refurbishment

A complete bathroom refurbishment which involved stripping out all the old sanitary wear, tiles and boxing. The ceiling was plastered and 3 x 6WATT LED (warm white) down lighters were put in to give the bathroom a modern look with very little energy use. Also, a new inline extractor fan was put in over the bath to help with the removal of steam when the shower is in operation. Continue Reading